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The 3 hint series: How to behave “ethically” in business life?

25 February 2014

As the original texts are written in Turkish, English translation is provided for non-Turkish readers. The author apologizes in advance for any and all possible changes and losses in meaning due to translation.

The ways of doing business are constantly evolving in a rapidly changing world, in which we are frequently obliged to move at an increasing pace. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant: the need to always act in accordance with the Code of Ethics<; therefore, what must be done to ensure that our business practices comply with these ethical principles?

  • Do not turn a blind eye to the problem: We may always try to act in a proper manner; however, we should remember that this may not always be possible, and mistakes can occur. What we should do in such cases is not to turn a blind eye to the problems. If we want to solve a problem before it deepens and spreads; we must first “see” the problem.
  • Protect your values and do not compromise on transparency: Our values make us unique and differentiate ourselves from others. It is true that we live in a dynamic world and are sometimes obliged to respond quickly to maintain our competitiveness. Nonetheless, when we do business, we must first reconcile our priorities with our value index. Transparency is a must in the business world. Furthermore, we should remember that, in today’s communication-oriented world, it is possible for anyone to access and share any type of information easily.
  • Draw a line between freedom and “egocentric freedom”: Freedom is indispensable for each of us and economic freedom is one of the most fundamental elements of freedom. However, focusing on individual interests will not bring success to an institution because freedom is also a benchmark in our relation with others. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that absolutely everybody complies unequivocally with the stipulated corporate Code of Ethics.

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