Another success from Darüşşafaka that makes us proud

20 March 2015

As the original texts are written in Turkish, English translation is provided for non-Turkish readers. The author apologizes in advance for any and all possible changes and losses in meaning due to translation.

The students of Darüşşafaka Robotics Club, which we support as Siemens, successfully represented our country in the Robotics Competition in the United States last week and made us proud by returning with an award. Coached and supported by our colleague engineers at Siemens throughout the process, the students of Darüşşafaka Robotics Club won the “Regional Engineering Inspiration Award” at the FIRC Robotics Competition (FRC). I congratulate all Darüşşafaka students and our colleagues who supported them.

Our relations with Darüşşafaka is quite deep-rooted, dating back to 109 years ago. In 1906, postal clerk RANA Efendi, a graduate of Mekteb-i Sultani (today’s Galatasaray High School), and SABRİ Efendi, a graduate of the posts and telegraph branch of Darüşşafaka as a first-ranking student, were sent to Siemens Halske headquarters in Berlin for further training. The travel allowance and salaries of these two young men were covered by the Ottoman Ministry of Telegraphy. After returning to Turkey, they assumed various roles to provide significant contributions to the modernization of the country, including the role of members of the parliament. Sabri Efendi was also one of the close friends of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Our relations with Darüşşafaka, which started with Europe then and continued until today, are crowned with the achievements in the USA today and we are very happy to witness this.

We hope to achieve many new achievements together as we are preparing to celebrate our 160th year in Turkey in 2016.

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