The Importance of Renewable Energy

6 August 2017

As the original texts are written in Turkish, English translation is provided for non-Turkish readers. The author apologizes in advance for any and all possible changes and losses in meaning due to translation.

We are running on a busy agenda. In a world that changes rapidly, we encounter several different topics every day and deal with many of them personally.
That is exactly why our priorities also change rapidly. Sometimes I find myself questioning what topic to prioritize or what to comment on.
But I notice that, except for the pillars of our economy, the only aspect that remains constant even though everything else changes is again and always TRUST.
The concept of economy is a critical topic that affects the lives of everyone and TRUST is the foundation of the economy.
I think it is worth remembering an article I had written on February 12, 2014, about trust.
Renewable Energy has been one of the most popular topics in our country this week.
As Siemens Gamesa-Türkerler-Kalyon joint venture, we won the tender for the 1,000 MW Wind Power Renewable Energy Resources Areas (YEKA) tender of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.
We have been deemed worthy of carrying out the most important wind project of our country.
Beyond the honor of winning such an important tender, this also reminds me of the great responsibility we assume. I am fully confident that we will fulfill this responsibility with our know-how, expertise, technology, and the experience we gained throughout our 160-year journey in Turkey.
Renewable Energy is a key area of investment for our country in all respects.
If we want to have an independent energy portfolio, we need to have an extensive range of energy sources and particularly focus on “Renewable Energy”.
I would like to thank our government for their visionary approach and for establishing such an investment environment.

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