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We accelerate digitalization with Vision 2020+

8 November 2018

As the original texts are written in Turkish, English translation is provided for non-Turkish readers. The author apologizes in advance for any and all possible changes and losses in meaning due to translation.

The lifecycle of the butterfly is the representation of both the necessity and the magnificence of evolving through transformation and thus targeting perfection. The digital age offers many opportunities for this transformation.

The digital age brings along advantages for companies with the ability to adapt, while being the beginning of the end for the rest. Today, rules of the game are changing rapidly. Some of the top 100 companies perish, but new companies emerge and quickly take place in the top lists. The new age requires change and transformation. Speed, agility and adaptability are the essentials of success. In the near future, only companies that can quickly adapt to digital transformation will survive.
In the past, companies used to accelerate change and transformation efforts only when they experienced trouble. Today, we do not have the luxury to wait to start the transformation, because change has a different perception of time; you do not realize before it strikes you. Sometimes it progresses slowly and you don’t understand that it approaches before it really starts to affect your life. And sometimes it comes up so quickly that it literally catches you by surprise; you suddenly notice its effect and it forces you to transform. Before change surprises and transforms us by force, we need to be prepared and alert by becoming part of the change processes.
Therefore, as Siemens, we encourage our employees to assess their digital readiness levels through our Digital Maturity Index project and offer training and development plans according to their levels. We also want them to identify their own tasks, so they define their future as well and do not feel surprised at the pace of digitalization.
As Siemens, we have assumed responsibility in the development of new technologies and digital trends throughout our history and we have been among the “earliest adopters”. Thus, we led innovation, change, and transformation. On top of that, we assumed the mission of guiding digital transformation and companies all over the world and in Turkey.
With this perspective, we developed the Vision 2020 strategy four years ago to accelerate our own change and transformation process. We have achieved success with this vision. Today, almost all our businesses are much more profitable than before, our customer satisfaction levels are very high, and our Digital Factory division is the market leader in industrial digitalization. However, change does not stop, it continues. Therefore, we have taken our vision to the next level this year and created Vision 2020+ plan.

Within the scope of Vision 2020+, we are shifting from a “uniform” structure to a target- and market-oriented structure that can easily adapt to the disruptive trends and consolidation in the market. Our aim is to serve the society and create value for all of our stakeholders. In order to maintain our success and create more value in the long term, we implement a simplified and a leaner company structure. Our new and advanced structure will enable us to respond to market trends more rapidly than before and to develop innovative systems even faster.
We are changing because the world makes this change inevitable.
We are changing because the markets we serve experience wide-scope changes.
But is this change enough?
For the Turkish economy to reach the status it deserves and to improve the welfare of the society, all private and public institutions need to change, transform, and benefit from the advantages of the digital age. This can only be possible if the state, the private sector and the academia work in cooperation.
The way to succeed in digitalization passes through innovation and education. We need to develop the latest technologies and innovative solutions in our own country. New R&D factories are crucial. At this point, the support of public institutions and joint projects with the private sector are of great importance.
In order to realize these, we need qualified, well-educated human resources. In this respect, it is critical to develop communication between industry and academia and to reveal the potentials of the youth.
As a company operating in Turkey for 162 years and creating value for the society and national economy, Siemens Turkey will continue to use every means available to us to accelerate the digital transformation of our country. Accordingly, we are looking forward to increasing and improving cooperation with universities and public institutions, strengthening our ties, and implementing new initiatives.

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