Energy’s future and energy for the future

22 July 2019

As the original texts are written in Turkish, English translation is provided for non-Turkish readers. The author apologizes in advance for any and all possible changes and losses in meaning due to translation.

When we look into all of the industrial revolutions that the world has witnessed, we have been tracking the change in energy playing a major role in that. The “rise” of various energy sources had significant impact on the lives of societies. All technological breakthroughs and the current progress in digitalization, which could be composed under the umbrella of the Industry 4.0 indicate that the coming years will also be full of action in terms of energy.

I think we should take two aspects into consideration for the sake of energy efficiency. One of these is climate change. Besides, our energy demand increases considerably due to the requirements of the global economy and rapidly increasing population. Compared to today, global need for electricity alone will increase by 80 percent by 2040. Let me also note that currently 1 billion people have no access to electricity and in time this population will also be included in the energy grid.

The basis for ensuring economic growth for both today and tomorrow is generating sustainable electricity. We can achieve this through the combination of renewable energy and flexible power plants. We can also make energy storage and demand satisfaction mechanisms more dynamic so as to get the best results. Thus, we can generate “reliable and cost-effective sustainable energy”. In addition, we need to include smart platforms and solutions to the process. This will make sure that all infrastructures, be it analogue or digital, can operate in integration and in line with their purposes.

We are customizing these initiatives for Turkey and work tirelessly to offer them to the business world and the society. Globally, we will become a carbon-neutral company by 2030, but here in Turkey, we are already a step ahead. We will achieve this goal by 2023.As Siemens, we generate 10 percent of the renewable energy in Turkey via Siemens turbines. We ensured 260 million TRY savings with approximately 1,100 energy efficiency projects in the last 4 years.

Now is the time to implement the abovementioned principles. This is the way to extend our internal change to the society.

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